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The past has gone, the future is still unsure, only the present, the here and now, is real. Some people find this sort of truth in Buddhism or Zen or Taoism or something else. These are ways which are useful and beneficial for some people. However, the understanding that these ways teach can be achieved by anyone willing to grasp the present, to live in the moment. That doesn't mean forgetting the past, but it does mean accepting it the way it was. You can't change the past. You can only affect the future and the way to do that is by what you do now. Sunworshippers are like everyone else. We all live in the present. Don't forget that. Taoism teaches us that we are responsible for our own destiny and that we should always have our inner smile by daily meditation or 'counting our blessings'. If you have ever nearly drowned, think back to that moment and be happy that you are no longer drowning. Similarly if you have ever been ill, remember the feeling and be thankful that you no longer feel that way. If you have a painful knee, this reminds you that you are alive.

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